Wait. We are not quite done yet. As is human existence, there is always a bit more. I further quote, and the piece continues:
“Dr. Buzzatto isn’t alone in his opinion. In fact, he represents the feelings held by most of the dental industry. Bennet Napier, the executive director of the National Association of Dental Laboratories, shares Dr. Buzzatto’s sentiments. ‘Based on dentistry’s impact from the economy right now, it’s adding insult to injury’.” (, PG. 1)

Now what is most interesting about the above article in quotes, was the fact that many dental providers themselves need to be careful as to whom they choose to work with. They need someone of trust to provide their dental insurance so that they, in turn, can provide it to their clients and consumers. It has to be appealing, reliable, and of overall quality from the top down if it is ever going to work at all for anyone. This is an absolute must. On that note, the writer continues to write about how more and more family dental care businesses are fleeing Obamacare. On that note, I conclude this once more: be careful who you choose and check out this clinic

In terms of finding a great dentist or chain of dentists, there are many out there as well. There are large chain names, as well as smaller private practices. You may find more by doing a simple Google search, going on Craigslist, or browsing the local ads. Word of mouth and referrals from other known & respected dentists tend to go far as well.